GIS Service at its very best!

Easy to Use GIS

InteractiveGIS helps our clients unlock the most value and use from their data. Part of this promise comes from the simplicity and ease-of-use of our web-based GIS interface.

Simplicity is crucial when dealing with the demands of a thriving community. Whether it’s for staff or a public facing web-based GIS, it must provide the necessary functionality.

We have designed our product to think the way that you think.

It is basic enough to easily follow along, and yet powerful enough to accomplish any task. The large amount of data accumulated by a single town, city, or county should be overwhelming! And yet InteractiveGIS provides any number of query combinations, on-screen digitizing and markups, more levels of connection between your items of data, and so much more (at a fraction of the cost).

Just consider these markup tools available for easy use directly on the interface:

  • Add Symbols
  • Add Lines
  • Add Text
  • Definable Line Weights, Colors, and Text/Symbol Size
  • Clear Markup by Step or Clear All
  • Printable
  • Save as ShapeFile

InteractiveGIS offers an open source web-based GIS that’s continuously being enhanced to meet evolving needs and functionality while maintaining affordability.

Federal, State, and Local governments rely on the simplicity of our GIS to seamlessly accomplish tasks. It extends further as agencies provide information to countless people who use the interface as a reference point for endless amounts of data.

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by a complicated system.

Visit and click on the Three Easy Steps for more information.