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iGIS – A Platform for all Major Internet Browsers

InteractiveGIS has taken great strides to offer a powerful web-based GIS that works with all Internet browsers.

Why is this important? We’ve shown you before how our interface is unique to you in terms of user experience and simplicity. We understand that your needs are distinct. Why shouldn’t you use a familiar browser?

By utilizing the major internet browsers, our system is capable of greater system capabilities, productivity, user satisfaction, and data reliability. It is just another reason why our interface is user friendly and made for your compatibility.

We understand the value of accessing data when you need it! That is why we do everything possible to have data available to you. Getting the right information begins with easy entry into the site.

Think for a moment beyond your team’s offices and into the community. Having a reliable source available on all major Internet browsers means a more enjoyable and productive experience for citizens.

We’ve all been there – technical difficulties are a waste of valuable time and resources. Our dedicated customer service will work side-by-side with your team to ensure that your system is above standard. It also means that your time will not be wasted on complaint phone calls.

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