GIS Service at its very best!


Welcome! The purpose of the new InteractiveGIS blog is to inform you about the exciting things happening within InteractiveGIS, Inc.! Our goal is to discuss with you the services we offer and the innovative strides we are taking in the field.

But what is InteractiveGIS? We are a specialized team of qualified geographers, programmers, web designers, and Information Technology specialists dedicated to help you achieve the most from your data.

We have built upon open source web-based GIS that makes the iGIS interface extremely cost effective. Our system allows you to access stored information quickly.

These are the areas where we are best able to offer our services:

  • Utility and Facility Management
  • Demographics and Comprehensive Planning
  • Data Development and Analysis
  • Desktop and Web-based GIS

The beauty of open source is that it can be used by anyone – governments, businesses, nonprofits, and research institutions worldwide. The benefits of investing in an open source product are endless. You gain the perks of flexibility and compatibility, while saving money.

Because we are so willing to meet your needs as a unique client, we do not charge high prices for customization. In fact, we don’t charge at all. InteractiveGIS is respectful of any budget, guaranteeing satisfaction.

With us, your data is available anywhere there is an internet connection in a format that is highly customizable. The opportunities are endless with open source and InteractiveGIS has the experience and knowledge to broaden your horizons!

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