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  • What is GIS?

    What is GIS?

    Store, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.
  • Understanding Your Communities

    Understanding Your Communities

    Interact with over 15,000 CENSUS data variables.


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What is GIS?

A map gives you spatial information.  It shows you where one feature is in relation to others around it.

A database is a collection of records in a computer system. You can query for certain subsets of data, but you can’t see a visual representation of how your data relates to the real world.

GIS brings the two together, combining maps and databases in a way that allows you to access information stored in your database about each feature on a map—simply by clicking on that feature.  It’s a powerful way to store, analyze, manipulate, and display data.

These are the areas where we are able to best offer our services:

Utility & Facility Management

In addition to the iGIS® web-based GIS we offer some specialization tool for Utility and Facility Management.

Sanitary Sewer Capacity, Management, Operation, and Maintenance (CMOM) GIS.

Developed to meet EPA’s pending sanitary sewer overflow (SSO). The system contains all of your sewer lines, manholes, pump stations, WWTP, and everything else in between.  The system stores pipe video inspection footage, manhole inspection reports, and system record drawings.  All of these data are easily accessible with a click of a button. The system tracks various inspection, new construction, new connection requests, customer calls, and sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) events. The system allows for quick system capacity checks prior to permitting a new service connection.

Operations Life-cycle Management (OLM) Solutions.

This is an example of a robust external application built by G3 Systems, Inc. that incorporates the uses of the iGIS® interface.  This internet-based cloud-computing solution was developed to assist organizations with the management of their long-term life-cycle costs of their owned or occupied buildings.

Facilities Inspections:

Inspect and score on the basic condition of the building and grounds based on a checklist of over 101 checkpoints across 9 major categories.

  • Manages facility information and data associated with physical assets in an easy to use online Geographic Information System (GIS) based system.
  • Scores condition based on industry standard best practices or defined company standard.
  • Includes detailed inspection reports across multiple system categories, including scores, status, condition notes and photos.
  • Supports due diligence of prospective assets for mergers and acquisition consideration.
  • Manages information on all leased and owned properties.

Electronic Filing Cabinet for CAD Drawings and other Electronic Documents.

And now, using  Autodesk™ Design Review, a free DWF file viewer with browser support, it is now possible for iGIS to allow clients to create a geographic file cabinet for CAD drawings, and have those drawings on hand anywhere internet access is available.

  • Password protected site access guarantees that only authorized users have access to your files
  • Organize your CAD files based upon location on the map, making historical data and brand new data both readily available in less than three mouse clicks
  • Mark up, measure, plot and more, all from within your browser interface
  • Works with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers


Demographics & Comprehensive Planning

Census Demographics

Demographic data is crucial to understanding our communities. Its availability helps in many areas of planning services. At first glance, the vast amounts of demographic data collected for 2010 may appear daunting an unmanageable. But if you start to dig into the data you will see that they provide snapshots in our surroundings. Data from the Census can help us understand where and how specific groups of people live, how they interact, what’s their backgrounds, their economic situation, their education, and more.

American Communities Survey

The American Community Survey (ACS) is an ongoing survey of the nation’s population that provides detailed demographic, housing, social, and economic data.  It’s designed to provide communities with a fresh look at how they are changing.  It is a nationwide survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau to provide communities with demographic, social, economic, and housing data every year.  The data that used to be collected via the decennial census long form.  It contains social and economic characteristics data, such as, income, poverty, education, marital status, health insurance coverage, disability and much more.  There are very detailed pieces of information such as Selected Population Tables (5-year estimates) by RACE/Ethnicity – This data file provides detailed social and economic data by race/ethnicity and ancestry group.

  • Total Population
  • Income, Poverty, and Employment Status
  • Educational Attainment
  • Housing Characteristics – Occupancy, Costs, Tenure, Units by Type
  • Health Insurance Coverage
  • Social Characteristics – Household type, Grandparents, Veterans, Disability, Nativity and Language
  • And a lot more…

About the ACS
The U.S. Census Bureau releases three ACS tabulations each year:

Product Population Threshold Geographies
1-Year Estimates 65,000+ Nation, State, County, Place
3-Year Estimates 20,000+ Nation, State, County, Place
5-Year Estimates None All – Nation, State, County, Place, Census Tract, Block Group, and School Districts.


Comprehensive Planning
If you have maps and data as part of your Comprehensive Plan we can turn those into layers of data in your iGIS® interface.

Data Development & Analysis

Imagine your data displayed in the interface combined with a rich data from other sources such as CENSUS, BING®, or OpenStreetMap®.

Got Data?

Whether you represent a local, state or federal government, a business, or a utility, chances are your organization has collected data for decades in the hope that someday you’ll be able to put it to better use.  With our system, you can start using that data today.

If you’ve got data—whether in another GIS database or not—your hard work is already done.  Switching to us is easy and painless.  You provide the data, and our experienced professionals will move it over seamlessly into our web-based interface.

You’re Not Losing Your Data—You’re Leveraging It.

Our web-based GIS software, iGIS® can read your existing data in almost any format.  When you click on the map, you’ll see your information as you’re used to seeing it—and more. We’ve migrated many databases over into our system, and with our experience, we can offer a seamless transition.

With Us, Your Data is Accessible Anywhere.

A water main breaks on a busy street. You have to notify everyone who lives within a thousand feet of that water main break—and you have to do it fast. But it’s late, your staff is at home, and your server is at work. Do you sweat it? Not if your GIS is online. In a few clicks, you’re in the system. You can access a list of all the people you need to notify in seconds.

With a desktop system, you’re limited to the amount of software licenses you purchased. Often your GIS is installed on a single computer or on a server that networks a number of computers within an organization. You’re limited to accessing your GIS on those machines, in that location. We’ll host your GIS online. This allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere, and on any machine—at no additional cost to you.

We’re Easy to Update.

You can have the best GIS in the world, but if your data is wrong or out-of-date, it’s useless.

With many of the other solutions in the marketplace today, it can be a complicated and time-consuming process to update your information. With us, it’s easy. Our quick FTP access allows you to update your information online in seconds.

We’ll also tell you what’s missing. With our unique DataGapSolutions® tool, you can count on the system to tell you what information needs to be verified; what’s out of date; and where the information gaps are. This could save you endless hours of combing through your database.

Desktop and Web-based GIS

Need a Web-GIS?

If you don’t have a GIS in place, you’re missing out on a wide range of tools that can make your life considerably easier.  Here are just a few of the ways we help you make the most of your data:

  • Nearly endless query combinations. We can customize queries to any specifications you need.
  • Nearly endless innovation. If you can envision it, we can design and program for it. We can even provide you with an avenue to upload tools you develop yourself!
  • Maps you can draw on. Our online hyper markup program allows you to digitally draw on maps, plus print out or email your markups.
  • “Just the Facts.” Our system doesn’t just give you information on a single item you click on. It also provides a concise report about its relationship to surrounding features.
  • Intuitively designed interface. iGIS® is easy to use—no matter your experience level, you’ll get up to speed quickly.

Our web-based GIS software solution, iGIS®, is fully customized to your needs. If you never want to look at a hard copy map again, we can make that happen. But sometimes engineers, developers, and others need hard copies. With some commercial web-based GIS software, your print capabilities are extremely limited  – try displaying an entire water system on an 8.5×11 map—it’s not pretty.

iGIS® provides you to print high-resolution, engineer-quality scaled maps in a wide range of sizes—big enough and accurate enough to make crucial decisions, straight off the printer. And if you don’t have a printer that can print to this size, you can connect through our system to overnight printers who can get large-scale plots in your hands the following day.

Need Help with a Desktop GIS?

We’re Educators At Heart.  Need help designing, developing, or implementing a new GIS—or a new application within an existing system?  InteractiveGIS, Inc. provides consulting services that can take you from data capture to implementation—or help only where you need it.

At InteractiveGIS, Inc., we take pride in teaching our clients how to get the most from their systems.  We also work hard to ensure your GIS database does everything you need it to do—so we take time analyzing your organization’s use of data and work flow to ensure your GIS solution is the perfect fit.

Need a new application?  No problem.  We’ll help you determine what your new needs are; how you can use your information most efficiently; and where you’re missing information.  Even if you’re not using our system, we can help you design a solution that works for you.

We’ll help you discover where your data gaps are; capture new and crucial information; and, with our iGIS® web-based GIS software, create a GIS solution that pulls it all together in an efficient and meaningful way.  We’ll also train your staff to work effectively in the system and maintain it over the long term.  Our consulting service is a cost-effective alternative for database design assistance, project planning, application development, and more.

We know that GIS is not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution.  At InteractiveGIS, Inc., we don’t sell you a single off-the-shelf solution.  Instead, we assess how you use your data; how your information flows through your organization; and how your current data management system operates.  Then we customize our intuitive, easy to use interface to perfectly suit your needs.

Database design is crucial to any GIS system.  Without comprehensive, customized design, you may end up with unsupported applications, uncorrectable data, and a lack of coherency in the database as a whole.   At InteractiveGIS, Inc., we ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

As a GIS customer, you need a database management system that allows you to store, organize, manage, and analyze your information, as well as make crucial connections between items of data.  With a powerful GIS, a wealth of information is available at your fingertips—organized, connected, and ready to help you make the important decisions that affect your organization.

InteractiveGIS, Inc. offers extensive experience in designing, creating, and managing GIS databases for clients with a wide range of needs.  We’ll design your database, convert your data, validate your information, and assist in long-term maintenance.   Our staff understands databases inside and out—and we’ll make sure your database is a perfect fit for your organization.