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A+ Data Could Help Your Entire School System

Collecting and analyzing demographic data could have a positive impact on your local school system!

Data is already an important asset to many school leaders across America. Trends within the school, especially regarding the achievement of students during the year and overall effectiveness of different programs, are often reported to the community and even used at the state and federal levels. Within the school, decisions can be based off these performance levels to better improve school-wide test scores.

An analysis of key demographics shows that this also plays a significant role.

According to the Center for Public Education, America is growing older and more diverse at the same time. In fact, immigration and birth rate trends demonstrate that there may be a time when there is no majority racial group in the United States. This means that, nation-wide, schools are educating audiences of many different ethnic groups. Students with English as a second language will need additional help to succeed. Simultaneously, financial support is generally provided by the older generation with no children.

Learn more about the Center for Public Education’s research here.

On another note, school zones can be a complicated balance for counties of all sizes. An observation of population and an assessment of where families have chosen to live impacts the decision of where a school might be located. InteractiveGIS can help with our easy-to-use mapping software. Visualize school zones with multiple layers of data.

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