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  • What is GIS?

    What is GIS?

    Store, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.
  • Understanding Your Communities

    Understanding Your Communities

    Interact with over 15,000 CENSUS data variables.

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3 Easy Steps to Request More Info

A Tried and Proven Web-based GIS

InteractiveGIS offers a tried and proven web-based GIS for many satisfied customers. The objective is that your community needs are met. We make that possible every day with a tried and proven platform that provides functional use at an affordable…read more →

The “Three Easy Step” Value

InteractiveGIS encourages those interested in our powerful open source platform to visit our website and fill out our Three Easy Steps as a way to request more information about our geographical services. The Three Easy Steps is a reflection of…read more →

Fashion Week at InteractiveGIS

Over in the InteractiveGIS offices, we are not exactly fashion experts. But we do know that appearance plays an important role in how we are perceived. We all “dress to impress” for our own reasons, perhaps to establish positive first…read more →

InteractiveGIS Video

Watch this Introductory Video about the great things going on at InteractiveGIS! While you enjoy a word from the president and founder of InteractiveGIS, David Bradshaw, consider the needs of your organization using the following questions! Are you at a…read more →

Desktop and Web-based GIS

InteractiveGIS is all about solutions. How can we make data easier to manage? How can we help our clients use software that fixes problems? We found the answer to these questions in an advanced, powerful open source platform that allows…read more →

How We Like to Do Business

You should know how InteractiveGIS does business because the way your community interacts, gathers information, and makes decisions is much more than just “business.” We have always stood by the idea that people, not firms, successfully complete projects. With InteractiveGIS,…read more →

Making the Switch

Are you ready for a superior user-friendly GIS platform? How about an interface that is just a little faster, giving you the information you need in just three clicks or less? Then maybe it’s time to migrate over to InteractiveGIS….read more →

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Us

You already know about our dependable, easy-to-use interface. We have told you all about our tried-and-proven web-based technology. We make it known that our customer service is here to support your unique system. But how about 5 things you didn’t know about…read more →


InteractiveGIS has seen your ambition to provide for your community! We understand the pressure of providing quick and easy communication during times of decision making! We won’t even start on the constant rapid advances in technology. You have 1,000 tasks…read more →

Strong Customer Service

InteractiveGIS values a strong and responsive customer service because every client’s web-based GIS needs are unique. Why bother? Because the amount of quality care and attention determines whether or not your needs are met. We set the standard for any…read more →

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