GIS Service at its very best!

Easy-to-Use Interface for Your Community

Provide a GIS system to your community that is easy enough to use, and yet powerful enough to accomplish any task.

The large amount of data accumulated by a single town, city, or county might seem overwhelming! And yet InteractiveGIS provides any number of query combinations, on-screen digitizing and markups, more levels of connection between your items of data, and so much more (at a fraction of the cost).

Simplicity is crucial when dealing with the demands of a thriving community. Whether it’s for staff or a public facing web-based GIS, it must provide the necessary functionality.

Imagine a platform powerful enough to store and utilize all your data, and an interface that is easy enough for your community members to use with guest access.

What kind of information can be available to the community through the iGIS interface?

  • General Mapping and Geographic Information
  • Property Information
  • Whatever you would like – you control what is available to the public

Unlock the most value and use from their data with InteractiveGIS. Finally, a GIS interface that thinks the way that you think.

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