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Observing Trends

Communities are dynamic and ever changing. For example, as populations fluctuate, neighborhoods are built and businesses are developed. These trends effect the population in countless ways. No community is exactly the same each year.

However, some trends take time to assert themselves. Big or small, the changes from demographic trends are inevitable. Just pretend that trends within your community are like dominoes. Each trend impacts the others.

Keep track of trends over time to have a true understanding of developments in the community to help prepare for the future.

Imagine this scenario: a study of data shows that the town’s population has been increasing steadily over the last ten years. With this awareness, your community leaders can prepare for an expanding population.

Here are just a few trends that should be observed and analyzed:

  • Employment and work force. What percentage of the population is actively participating in the work force? The socioeconomic status of an individual is determined partly by income and occupation.
  • Geographical location of population. Has there been a significant change of the number of people living in areas across the town, city, or county? In addition, businesses tend to follow the areas of high population.
  • Local health. Keep track of specific national health concerns, like obesity or heart disease, understand needs that should be addressed in your community. Work closely with your local health department and hospitals for this data.

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