GIS Service at its very best!

Perfect for Any Size Project

The InteractiveGIS platform can support data for all sizes of local government. Town, cities, and counties of many different populations and sizes are enjoying the many benefits offered by InteractiveGIS.

These are the areas where we are best able to offer our services:

  • Utility & Facility Management
  • Demographics & Comprehensive Planning
  • Data Development & Analysis
  • Desktop & Web-based GIS

No project is too big or small! The benefits of trusting an open source product are endless. You gain flexibility and compatibility, while saving money.

As a bonus, there is no software to install. The interface is entirely web-based. Access the full amount of your data with a platform that can support just about anything. Just tell us what you need.

Learn more about how InteractiveGIS can help your local government by completing the Three Easy Steps form!