GIS Service at its very best!

GIS That’s Always Available

While your office closes at 5:00 PM, your community keeps going around the clock.

That’s why your iGIS interface is available 24/7 with an Internet connection. Even on your smart phone!

Imagine that a water main bursts late in the night and your GIS coordinator is home. You need information instantly to send the construction crew. With the traditional, commercial desktop GIS, your water main data is on the server in the office. Using the helpful tools developed by InteractiveGIS, access valuable data instantly and solve the problem from your home.

We understand the value of accessing data when you need it! That is why we do everything possible to have data available to you at all times. Getting the right information begins with easy entry into the site. Just log in! Even guests are able to access the interface.

For more information about InteractiveGIS and having your data on our interface, take only a few minutes and fill out our Three Easy Steps!