About Us

About Us

Our journey

InteractiveGIS, Inc. traces its roots to the simple idea that every challenge demands a unique approach. Founded nearly two decades ago, our company emerged from the drive to bridge the gap between actual client needs and the rigid methodologies that often dominate the corporate landscape.

Our founder, witnessing a disconnection between service and necessity, was compelled to establish a paradigm where genuine client-centered service takes precedence over one-size-fits-all solutions. Thus was born InteractiveGIS, Inc., with a mission to deliver unparalleled Web GIS consulting services designed around the specific ambitions of each client we partner with.

Our philosophy

Here at InteractiveGIS, Inc., we take pride in providing personalized web GIS solutions. We recognize the distinct nature of each project and shun the cookie-cutter mentality that pervades much of the industry. Each solution is meticulously tailored, ensuring tight alignment with our clients’ objectives.

Passionate about fostering community empowerment, we approach every project with a commitment to pushing technological boundaries and embracing challenges to enhance the experience for GIS users.

Our promise

We stand by the core values that have guided us from our inception:

Client-Centered Service:

At the heart of our operation is the drive to serve our clients authentically, addressing their real needs and visions.

Tailored Solutions:

We avoid generic approaches, instead of crafting customized web GIS experiences that ensure both customization and affordability.


We are fearless in our quest to serve communities, committed to taking calculated risks to deliver better solutions.

Attention to Detail:

No project is too small for exceptional care and focus from our team.

Innovative Transformation:

Our goal is to spearhead a transformative shift in the Web GIS sector through inventive and impactful solutions.

At InteractiveGIS, Inc., we don’t just believe in the power of advanced Web GIS—our team is passionate about unlocking this potential for every project we touch. We help channel your investments into what truly matters for your success, delivering value and efficiency that align with today’s demands.

Your next step

If you’re poised to redefine your Web GIS capabilities and achieve unparalleled results, InteractiveGIS, Inc. is ready to guide you. We invite you to contact us and begin a collaborative journey toward harnessing the transformative power of customized Web GIS solutions. Let us tackle your unique challenges together, backed by the extraordinary expertise of InteractiveGIS, Inc.