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  • What is GIS?

    What is GIS?

    Store, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.
  • Understanding Your Communities

    Understanding Your Communities

    Interact with over 15,000 CENSUS data variables.

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InteractiveGIS: The Best Value on the Market

Our GIS saves you money right out of the box because there is no box; it’s open source. Your money goes toward core functionality and not licensing fees. Let’s use your budget to its full advantage. In fact, we help…read more →

Save 3-4 Seconds Per Click

We live in a fast-paced society where time is valuable and therefore must be used efficiently. Time is money. And in this economy, we can’t afford to waste a second! But what happens when our best attempts at time management…read more →

Zero Technical Difficulties

InteractiveGIS has taken great strides to offer a powerful web-based GIS that works under all circumstances. Why is this important? We’ve shown you before how our interface works for you. We understand that you needs data quickly. Why shouldn’t you…read more →

About Us

What is InteractiveGIS? We are a specialized team of qualified geographers, programmers, web designers, and Information Technology specialists dedicated to help you achieve the most from your data. We have built an open source web-based GIS that is extremely cost…read more →

New Year, New GIS!

As we bring in the New Year, treat your town, city, or county with the most dependable GIS on the market. Since 2008, InteractiveGIS has provided an open source GIS platform that supports local governments. And now, with 2015 quickly…read more →

Christmas Cheer

Give yourself the gift of InteractiveGIS! Treat your office with the piece-of-mind of having your town, county, or state data belonging to a powerful, efficient GIS interface. Heavily customizable to your unique needs, the InteractiveGIS platform will cross almost everything…read more →

A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words: Demographics

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then your collected demographic data is worth at least 2,000 words. Demographic data is used to paint a clear portrait of your community. InteractiveGIS believes that this information can be used as…read more →

Another Successful VACo Conference!

InteractiveGIS had another great year at the 80th Annual VACo Conference! We hope that you found the speakers and sessions useful! We met so many people dedicated to their counties. If you came by the InteractiveGIS booth, it was wonderful…read more →

A Better Way!

We’ve all laughed at the ridiculousness of those “there has to be a better way!” commercials. It is a frantic struggle as the characters try to sort through the clutter, open that stubborn jar, or keep those pesky bugs outside…read more →

Autodesk Design

Imagine having access to your CAD drawings anywhere that internet is available. Consider the many benefits of instantly connecting to these drawings when necessary. Why wait to return to the office when the technology is available to you now? All…read more →

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