GIS Service at its very best!

Making the Switch: Zero System Down-Time

Are you ready for a superior user-friendly GIS platform? How about an interface that is just a little faster, giving you the information you need in just three clicks or less? Then maybe it’s time to join us at InteractiveGIS.

The move is easy with InteractiveGIS, thanks to our powerful technology and stellar customer service. Our team works alongside yours to train your community leaders. We are educators at heart and will guide you to get the most from your new unique system.

Migrating to the iGIS system isn’t a situation in which you are stranded with a bundle of new technology after a set-up. While the interface is simple to use, our team is available to guide your employees even after your system is up and running.

Making the switch to InteractiveGIS is a seamless transition because we have built a dependable, flexible system that can accommodate a variety of needs:

  • Desktop and Web-Based GIS
  • Data Development and Analysis
  • Utility and Facility Management
  • Demographics and Planning

Did we mention there is zero system down time?

We are pleased with the success rate of our transfers over to the InteractiveGIS system because InteractiveGIS can use your existing data in its current form. Together, we will assess your needs and determine the best approach to handling data in the long run.

For more information on how to see your data on the iGIS platform, fill out the Three Easy Steps form.