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    What is GIS?

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    Understanding Your Communities

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Demographics and Healthcare

Demographics across the globe impact one of America’s most sensitive issues: healthcare. According to the United Nations, the world’s population is expected to increase by one billion people by 2025. As demographics shift and the population changes, communities and governments…read more →

A+ Data Could Help Your Entire School System

Collecting and analyzing demographic data could have a positive impact on your local school system! Data is already an important asset to many school leaders across America. Trends within the school, especially regarding the achievement of students during the year…read more →

Demographics Benefit Local Law Enforcement

Local demographics and workforce data are crucial in helping government entities and all departments make sound policy decisions. In today’s blog, we will be discussing the benefits of data in local law enforcement. For law enforcement agencies, the needs of…read more →

Observing Trends

Communities are dynamic and ever changing. For example, as populations fluctuate, neighborhoods are built and businesses are developed. These trends effect the population in countless ways. No community is exactly the same each year. However, some trends take time to…read more →

Start With Demographics

When strategizing plans for your town, city, or county, look first to demographics! Demographics are crucial in the planning and implementation of local government laws and programs. Demographics are the most effective method for target marketing and the only place…read more →

All About Demographics

Looking for answers about your town, city, or county? Start with the demographics! A variety categories, including age, income, education, and so much more, portray the individuals and families that are directly impacted by the decisions of local government. Demographics…read more →

Making the Switch: Zero System Down-Time

Are you ready for a superior user-friendly GIS platform? How about an interface that is just a little faster, giving you the information you need in just three clicks or less? Then maybe it’s time to join us at InteractiveGIS….read more →

Easy-to-Use Interface for Your Community

Provide a GIS system to your community that is easy enough to use, and yet powerful enough to accomplish any task. The large amount of data accumulated by a single town, city, or county might seem overwhelming! And yet InteractiveGIS…read more →

Time is Money

Your time is valuable. Each day is a glance at the clock and a reminder that time is of the essence. And who could forget that time is money? But what happens when our best attempts at time management are…read more →

Perfect for Any Size Project

The InteractiveGIS platform can support data for all sizes of local government. Town, cities, and counties of many different populations and sizes are enjoying the many benefits offered by InteractiveGIS. These are the areas where we are best able to…read more →

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